BeyondTag FAQ

We want you to have an amazing experience with us! So we do our best to answer every possible question that you may have, as you start enjoying the new way to shop online with BeyondTag.

How does ‘Wish your Price’ on BeyondTag work?
Select a product you like from our listings, enter the price you would like to pay in the ‘Wish your price’ box. Then click 'Next' or the Wish symbol to review your order on the following screen. Once you have reviewed the details, you can click confirm purchase and we will instantly tell you if your wish price was accepted or not.

Can I really ‘Wish a price’ on all the products I find on BeyondTag?
Yes! You can ‘Wish a price’ on all the products on BeyondTag. Just keep it fair!

Do I get the exact same product on which I wished a price?
Correct! If BeyondTag accepts your price, you will get the exact same product you wished for.

I really love BeyondTag! When will you add more products?
Our small team is hard at work curating the products we bring to you - we add new products multiple times a weekly! So do come back & check often.

How is BeyondTag able to offer such amazing prices & savings to us?
We cut out the middle men in the chain and pass on the savings to you, our valued customers!

When do you charge my credit card or payment method?
When you click “Confirm Purchase”, if BeyondTag accepts your wish price, you will be charged and notified immediately. If your wish price was not successful then your payment method will not be charged.

How many times can I wish my price on a specific product?
You have 3 attempts to ‘wish your price’ on any particular product. If your 3 attempts were un-successful, you will have to wait for an hour before you can ‘wish your price’ again on the same product regardless of the size, color or other variant selections.

Can I change my mind and wish for a different price after I hit Confirm Purchase?
No. Your wished price on a particular product cannot be modified once you hit Confirm Purchase. If BeyondTag accepts the price, you will be notified and charged immediately. If your wish price was not accepted by BeyondTag, then you will have 2 more attempts to wish your price on the same product regardless of size, color or other variant selections.

After my purchase was successful at a price I wished for, can I come back & wish a different price on the same product?
No. Once BeyondTag accepts a price you entered, we will lock that price for you for that particular product regardless of your size, color or other variant selections.

Do you carry any used or re-furbished products on BeyondTag?
No. We don’t carry any used or re-furbished products. We only sell brand new products.

Can I wish for a lower price if I make a bulk quantity purchase?
No. Price is always same for any quantity purchased on BeyondTag.

Why was I nudged to increase my wish price?
Occasionally, when we see that you wished for a price that is close to a price point BeyondTag can accept – we give you a nudge so you can increase your price (at least by a few dollars) to help you bag the product!  

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